Are there alot of Greeks in Chicago?

Are there a lot of Greek people in Chicago?

Chicago currently has the third largest Greek population of any city in the world. Why did these immigrants come to Chicago, and what impact has the Greek community had on the city?

Why are there so many Greeks in Chicago?

The first Greek immigrants to settle in Chicago arrived in the 1840s via the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. The major fires of Chicago in 1871 caused significant further quantities of Greek immigrants to move to the area, inspired by the prospect of rebuilding the town of Chicago.

Is Greektown Chicago Safe?

Outside of Athens, Chicago’s Greektown is probably your best best for immersing yourself in Greek culture. This neighborhood is one of the many that make up the Near West Side, and it there’s always some sort of event taking place. The tight-knit community enjoys a fairly safe neighborhood, rounding out our list.

What is Greektown known for?

Greektown is situated between the Renaissance Center, Comerica Park, and Ford Field. Named for the historic Greek immigrant community of the early 20th century, the district still has Greek-themed restaurants. Notable buildings include St.

Greektown, Detroit.

Greektown Historic District
Added to NRHP May 06, 1982

What are the Greek islands?

Islands of Greece by size

Island Area (sq. miles)
1 Crete 3,219
2 Euboea 1,417
3 Lesbos 630
4 Rhodes 541
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