Best answer: Does Mykonos have a lot of gays?

Are there a lot of gays in Mykonos?

And while there are plenty of reasons to visit the sun-soaked Greek isle of Mykonos, the destination itself has reached somewhat of a critical mass of LGBT travelers in recent years.

Is Mykonos popular with gays?

Despite Greece being a Christian Orthodox country with conservative traditions, Mykonos was quick to embrace its big-spending gay and lesbian visitors. Today, most of the island’s holiday accommodation is at least gay-friendly.

What type of people go to Mykonos?

From jet setters to college students and families, Mykonos is Greece’s most well known and popular island and the people you see are from all walks of life, from every country, and sexual preference. Even priests come to Mykonos for their holiday.

What is Mykonos best known for?

Mykonos is one of the most famous Greek islands. Located in the Cycladic region of the beautiful Aegean Sea, Mykonos offers amazing beaches, beautiful nature, picturesque villages, delicious Greek food and a chic lifestyle. However Mykonos is very famous for its great nightlife.

How safe is Mykonos Greece?

As it stands now, the general crime rate in Mykonos is 71.43%. It’s one of the highest in Europe, which is sort of surprising because Mykonos isn’t exactly the biggest place on the continent.

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Is Mykonos busy now?

1. Re: How busy is Mykonos now? Tourist traffic has steadily increased since the lockdown ended, so the island is much busier now than it was in early to mid July. There also are more flights to the island now than in July, since more airlines have added flights for this month.

Is Mykonos open this summer?

The cosmopolitan island of Mykonos is officially open, safe, and welcoming tourists for the summer season of 2021.

Is Mykonos a chavvy?

Basically Mykonos town is another Ibiza town, NOT San Antoni, which is chav central. However Mykonos is definately not like anywhere in Santorini. There is a large portion of ‘colourful people’, some will say poseurs, the proportion of gays, and other minority interests is very prominent.

Why is Mykonos so popular?

Mykonos has been attracting tourists since the 1920s, when archaeologists and antiquity hunters used it as a base to visit the ancient Greek ruins on neighbouring Delos. It came of age in the 60s when the former US first lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis visited with her second husband, the shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis.

Is Mykonos for the rich?

Mykonos is not for the faint of heart. The island is known as a glamorous destination for the world’s wealthiest and most famous.