Best answer: Who did the Greek god Hades choose to be his wife?

How did Hades get his wife?

Hades fell in love with Persephone and decided to kidnap her. The myth says that in one of the rare times he left the Underworld, he traveled above ground to pursue her, while she was gathering flowers in a field. … Persephone slipped beneath the Earth and Hades stole her to the Underworld where he made her his wife.

Does Hades only have one wife?

In case you’re unsure of how Persephone came to be his consort, here’s the SparkNotes version: Hades dragged her down into the Underworld and, with Zeus’ blessing, married her. … In the end, while Persephone was released, she was forced to return to the Underworld for six months out of each year to be Hades’ wife.

Who did Hades cheat on Persephone with?

The one time was with Minthi (Μίνθη) a girl of extreme beauty and as the myth says either Demetra transformed her to a plant (Mint) because she was afraid that Hades would replace Persephone with her , either Persephone was so enraged by Hades infidelity that she killed the girl by stomping on her.

Who killed Persephone?

With his blades, Kratos managed to follow Persephone by latching himself onto her. They battled atop the Pillar, where Persephone was aided by Atlas. However, Helios, being held in Atlas’s hand, radiated the ray of light which Kratos used to weaken the goddess. He then smashed her to death with the Gauntlet of Zeus.

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Did Persephone cheat on Hades?

Fact #3: Persephone and Minthe

Hades did not make any of his extramarital affairs a secret. … Persephone turned Minthe into what we know today as the mint plant. While it was not Persephone’s choice to be abducted by Hades and tricked into marrying him, she took her new role as queen of the underworld seriously.

Why did Zeus let Hades take Persephone?

Because Hades had deceivingly tricked the young Persephone into eating the pomegranate, he was commanded to allow Persephone to visit her poor mother above his domain. In return, Zeus promised a binding deal that allowed Hades to have Persephone a month for each seed she had eaten.