Can I buy health insurance in Greece?

Does Greece have private health insurance?

Health care in Greece is provided through national health insurance, although private health care is also an option. Public health services are provided by the National Healthcare Service, or ESY.

How does insurance work in Greece?

Public healthcare is delivered by a universal system which entitles Greek citizens to free or low cost healthcare. The public healthcare system is funded by compulsory social insurance contributions, although around 15% of the Greek population also maintain private health insurance cover.

Is healthcare in Greece free?

State healthcare in Greece is not completely free. You may still have to pay to use some parts of the healthcare system. UK nationals usually access the Greek healthcare system in one of these ways: paying national insurance contributions if you’re registered to work in Greece.

Is health insurance mandatory in Greece?

An EU national can get access to Greece’s public healthcare through an EHIC, or European Health Card. … It is a social insurance program that is mandatory for Greeks.

How do I get health insurance in Greece?

Anyone, including expat residents and their families, who contributes to the Social Insurance Institute (IKA) through a social security system called AMKA qualifies for public healthcare insurance. Employment through a Greek company is the most common way to qualify for public healthcare.

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Who pays for healthcare in Greece?

The private sector is financed through charges to the sickness funds, private insurances and patients themselves. OPAD for instance has contracts with 20,000 doctors and laboratories to cover the healthcare needs of its beneficiaries.

Is healthcare expensive in Greece?

The standard of healthcare in Greece is generally high, although there is some variation between the mainland and many of the country’s smaller islands, and lower spending on healthcare since the country’s financial crisis has had a negative impact.

What is the best hospital in Greece?

By indicators

1 (689) Attikon Athens University Hospital GRC
2 (703) University General Hospital of Thessaloniki AHEPA GRC
3 (733) General University Hospital of Patras GRC
4 (734) Aghia Sophia Children’s Hospital GRC

Does Medicare work in Greece?

Although the agreement between the United States and Greece allows the Social Security Administration to count your Greek credits to help you qualify for U.S. retirement, disability or survivors benefits, the agreement does not cover Medicare benefits.