Do the Greek islands get cold?

Does it get cold on Greek islands?

The northern part of the country can be very cold during the winters, even receiving snow in some areas. Winter is milder to the south. July and August are the busiest months, but they also have the most frequent transit schedules to more remote Greek islands and perfect weather for outdoor adventures and day trips.

Are the Greek islands cold in winter?

What’s the Weather Like in Winter on the Greek Islands

Winters are not chilly, although you might encounter some very cold days. Overall, the average temperature on the islands ranges from 10 °C to 15 °C degrees, with some sunny days reaching even 18 °C on the southernmost island of all, Crete.

How warm are Greek islands in winter?

Winter temperature in the Greek islands varies from 5oC-15oC. Most days it is sunny, while in the Cyclades sometimes it gets windy. Occasionally it rains (especially in November and February-March) but these rains last for few hours. Also it rarely snows.

What is the coldest it gets in Greece?

With an average high-temperature of 12.1°C (53.8°F) and an average low-temperature of 7.3°C (45.1°F), January is the coldest month.

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Is Greece a very cold country?

The climate of Greece is mediterranean with summers that are usually hot and dry, and the winters that can be quiet cold and wet. The upper part of Greece can be very cold during the winter and snow is not uncommon. However, for the south of Greece and the islands, the winters will be milder.

Does it get cold at night in Greece?

Nights are still cold, but unlikely to get below freezing, with the average low temperature now 5°C. … Greek Islands Weather in March: The average high temperature rises a couple of degrees this month to 16°C, and precipitation decreases, with 40mm of rainfall over seven days this month.

Are the Greek islands nice in winter?

Crete is Greece’s largest and most southerly island, and the temperatures in winter are often quite mild. … While Crete is one of the best Greek islands in winter, you may stop short of swimming in the sea. The weather may be mild, but the sea is cold!

Can you swim in Greece in December?

Swimming in Greece in december is cool (in the best case scenario) … Swimming in december in Kos, Rhodes, Santorini, Zante, Samos, Amorgos Island, Kefalonia island, Chios and Milos is possible but the sea is generally cool. So though the sea temperature may sometimes reach 69°F, it can also go as low as 63°F.

What is the hottest Greek island in winter?

Crete has some of the warmest temperatures over the autumn and winter months, in fact it has one of the mildest winter climates in Mediterranean Europe due to its southerly position.

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Is Greece a winter sun destination?

While the Greek islands lie largely dormant in the winter months – many hotels and restaurants shut up shop between November and April – this is also the best time to visit to avoid the crowds.

Which Greek Island has the best weather?

Crete. Crete is the largest Greek island and has some of the best winter weather. You can be eating lunch under a blazing November sun while gazing up at snow-capped mountains. It’s also a fabulous time for hiking – don’t miss the dramatic Samaria Gorge.