Frequent question: How long does it take to open a business in Greece?

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What does it take to start a business in Greece?

8 Steps to start your company in Greece in 2019

  • Step 1- Legal Registration. …
  • Step 2- Select the Legal Form of the business. …
  • Step 3- Business Plan and Evaluation. …
  • Step 4- Registering a Company. …
  • Step 5- Obtaining a Tax Identification Number. …
  • Step 6- Special Procedures. …
  • Step 7- Make a Company Seal. …
  • Step 8- Books and Accounting.

How can a foreigner start a business in Greece?

The Registration Process in Greece for Foreigners

  1. Register your company name (ensure if the name is not being used by another company in Greece)
  2. Choose a business activity which suits the type of business you are willing to execute.
  3. Choose a corporate structure for your business.

Can I open a business in Greece?

Greece provides a stable investment environment and creates business opportunities for all types of companies. … Greece, as a member of the EU and EMU, provides a stable investment environment and creates business opportunities for all types of companies.

Is it hard to do business on Greece?

Greece ranks at the top in difficulty in setting up and running a business among 75 countries, according to the Global Business Complexity Index for 2019.

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Is Greece good for business?

Classified as an advanced and high-income economy, Greece is a developed country with a high ranking in the Human Development Index. … Greece offers access to fast-growing and prominent regional markets being a gateway to over 140 million consumers in the Eastern Mediterranean and Southeast Europe.

How much does it cost to start a company in Greece?

Share capital requirements

A minimum initial capital of 25,000 Euro is required for the formation of a company limited by shares to be paid entirely or partially. Shareholders’ contributions may be in cash or in kind.

How do I invest in Greece?

In fact, investing directly into the Greek economy through an exchange traded fund (ETF) like GREK is the easiest way to do so. Another option is finding another mutual fund or index that closely tracks the Greek economy. If you want a gamble that could yield big gains, then invest in Greek bonds.

Can you be self employed in Greece?

Self-employment is quite common in Greece and Greeks are much more likely than other EU citizens to be self-employed. In 2019, the proportion of those in employment who were self-employed was 27.9%, which was essentially double the EU average (13.4%) (Figure 1.5).

How do I set up a sole trader in Greece?

How to Register as a Sole Trader in Greece

  1. Business name registration. The first step of establishing any type of company in Greece is choosing the business name. …
  2. Obtaining Tax ID Number. In order to legally work or establish a company in Greece, you will need an AFM Tax ID Number. …
  3. Office Address.
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Can foreigners own business Greece?

The Greece public limited company (AE)

The Greece AE requires at least 1 shareholder and 3 directors who can either be individuals or legal entities to be incorporated. The directors and shareholder can be of any nationality and need not to be resident in Greece.

What is the best business to start in Greece?

6 Small Business Opportunities in Greece 2019

  • Tourism. Greece is one of the top tourism destinations in the world; also it is one of the important sectors for Greece as it is the main pillar of the Greek economy. …
  • Energy sector. …
  • Greek ICT sector. …
  • Logistic Sector. …
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry. …
  • Maritime.

What are taboos in Greece?

Greeks live their lives with an exclamation point. Thumbs down is usually considered rude. The open hand facing outward is also considered offensive. This hand sign (three fingers up, index and thumb touching) is obscene.