Frequent question: What is Greece tax rate?

What is the VAT rate in Greece?

Greece VAT rates

The standard VAT rate in Greece is 23%. There is a reduced rate of 13% for food and drink; pharmaceutical products; passenger transport; and other.

Are taxes high in Greece?

In Greece, the 25% of the population with the highest income paid 92% of the personal income tax. The next 25% paid 7.9% of the total personal income tax collected by the government and the 50% that declared the lowest income paid only 0.028% of all personal income tax.

Is food taxed in Greece?

Coffee & eating out now taxed at 13 percent in Greece.

Ahead of the EU-IMF audit, the government announced in August a number of hasty and contradictory measures that raised value-added tax (VAT) on holiday packages and proposed that tourists wear bracelets to get a reduced rate.

How much is cost of living in Greece?

Sample Monthly Budget for Living in Greece:

Expense Euro USD
Housing (rent for a one bedroom apartment in the center of Athens) €579 $650
Utilities (Gas, Electric, Phone, Internet) €107 $120
Groceries €205 $230
Basic Cost of Living €890 $1,000

What is the average income in Greece?

After 2009 there was a significant decrease in the average annual wages in Greece, which amounted to approximately 16 thousand euros in 2020.

Average annual wages in Greece from 2000 to 2020 (in euros)*

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Characteristic Average annual wages in euros
2020 16,975
2019 16,767
2018 16,603
2017 16,508

Does Greece tax foreign income?

If you are a foreign resident or a non-resident, you are only subject to pay taxes on your income in Greece, thanks to most Double Taxation Treaties.

How do I become a Greek tax resident?

To be considered a tax resident of Greece, you must have resided in Greece for at least 183+ calendar days. These days, in addition to the days of proven residence in Greece, are considered the day of arrival and departure of the person from Greece as well as the days of holidays.