How do you get to Ios Island Greece?

Where do you fly to for Ios Greece?

There is no airport in Ios island. The nearest airport is located in Santorini island, the most popular island of Greece. The airport of Santorini receives daily flights from Athens and Thessaloniki, the largest cities of Greece, and also charter flights from abroad in summer.

Can you fly direct to Ios Greece?

Getting to Ios Greece. … There is no airport on Ios, so the island is only accessible by ferry. Most people choose to fly directly to Athens, Santorini, Mykonos or Crete and then take the ferry to Ios Island.

Do I need a car on Ios island?

While you do need a car or an ATV to get to Homer’s Tomb, it’s not to be missed. The tomb is located on a hill in the northeast area of Ios overlooking the Aegean Sea and offers stunning views. There are brown signs indicating the route to the tomb from the port and it’s free to enter.

How do I get from Crete to IOS?

There is no direct connection from Crete to Ios (Station). However, you can take the car ferry to Santorini then take the car ferry to Ios. Alternatively, you can take a vehicle from Heraklion to Ios (Station) via Santorini and Santorini in around 8h 5m.

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Is Greece on the green list?

Some of the main tourist destinations are: The Bahamas, Belgium, British Virgin Islands, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Greece (including islands), Italy, Portugal (Madeira is on the green watchlist and The Azores will move to the green list), Saudi Arabia, Spain (including the Canary and Balearic Islands), the …

Is Ios island safe?

Ios is generally a safe island. However you should be alert for pickpockets and petty thieves and do not leave your belongings, especially electronic devices, unattended even for a short period of time. Public intoxication is quite common starting as early as 20:00, mostly regarding young British tourists.

Is there an airport in IOS Greece?

Ios Island doesn’t have an airport which is also why the island has avoided mass tourism and maintained its natural beauty. Travelers can fly directly from most major European capitals to Santorini, Mykonos or Heraklion Crete and then get to the island of Ios by high speed ferry.

Is IOS Greece expensive?

Although Ios is one of the most popular Greek islands, it’s way more budget friendly in comparison to places like Santorini and Mykonos since it caters to younger travelers and backpackers. Prices get pretty high peak season when the island is bursting with tourists but it’s still cheap by comparision.