How many doctors are there in Greece?

Why does Greece have so many doctors?

Inadequate planning of human resources for health, inadequate health financing policy regarding primary care, gatekeeping mechanisms, and medical power constitute the primary themes explaining the trends of physicians’ population in Greece. Practicing GPs per 1,000 population in EU countries (2007).

Does Greece have the best doctors?

Since the dawn of time, all around the world, the profession of a doctor is the most appreciated one. The Faculty of Medicine has listed 7 countries that produce the best doctors in the world and Greece is number 7. …

How many doctors are there in Europe?

There were approximately 1.7 million practising physicians across the EU-27 in 2018. In 2018, more than half of all physicians in Italy and Bulgaria were aged 55 years and over. In 2018, the gender split of physicians across the EU-27 was balanced.

Are Greek hospitals good?

Greece’s health care system was ranked by the World Health Organization as one of the best in the world. Greece’s health care was ranked 14th in overall performance of 191 countries surveyed (above other countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom) and 11th in quality of service in a 2000 report by the WHO.

Which countries have doctor shortages?

Shortages exist and are growing in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. Several causes of the current and anticipated shortages have been suggested, but not everyone agrees that there is a true physician shortage, at least in the United States.

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How many hospitals are in Athens Greece?

Results – 13 Hospitals/Clinics found in Athens, Greece.

What is the best hospital in Greece?

By indicators

1 (689) Attikon Athens University Hospital GRC
2 (703) University General Hospital of Thessaloniki AHEPA GRC
3 (733) General University Hospital of Patras GRC
4 (734) Aghia Sophia Children’s Hospital GRC