How warm is Crete in August?

What is the best time of year to go to Crete?

The best time to visit Crete is from mid-May to June or from September to October. May brings with it warmer waters and beautiful wildflowers that can be spotted throughout the island’s natural attractions.

How busy is Crete in August?

Crete in August (100% Crowded): Hot and sunny with occasional strong winds (called the meltemi) that can cancel ferries and catamarans. Book rooms at least 3 months in advance for August visits – 6 months in advance for luxury hotels. (Average Max Temperature: 29°C. Average Rainfall: 1mm.)

Is it windy in Crete in August?

Since most of Crete’s organized resorts are on the North Coast, you may experience these winds, especially in July and August. … This means that even when the north coast is uncomfortably windy, the south coast may be calm and pleasant.

What is the warmest Greek island?

Although Rhodes is officially the hottest Greek island in October, there are other top islands worth considering this month, including; Santorini, Crete, Zakynthos and Corfu.

Other options – hottest Greek islands in October.

Island Rhodes
Ave temp (℃) 21
Sea temp (℃) 22
Sunshine (Hrs) 8
Rainfall (mm) 68
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Which Greek island is warmest in winter?

Crete has some of the warmest temperatures over the autumn and winter months, in fact it has one of the mildest winter climates in Mediterranean Europe due to its southerly position. Only the hardy will brave the cold sea temperatures, though.

How hot does it get in Greece in August?

The average temperature this month is 27°C (81°F), which is the same as it was in July, while the average low is 22°C (72°F), and the average high is just slightly lower than in July at 31°C (88°F). Similarly to the month prior, the weather in August is consistent throughout the entire month.

Is Crete humid in August?

The average humidity levels in August are listed below for cities and islands throughout Greece.


Place %
Chania 58
Heraklion 58
Ierapetra 53
Rethymno 62

Does it get cold in Crete?

Crete, the largest Greek island, has a Mediterranean climate, with mild, rainy winters and hot, sunny summers. … For its southern location, Crete is less exposed to cold spells than other Greek islands, however, the temperature at night can sometimes approach freezing (0 °C or 32 °F).

Is Crete warm in September?

September and October are actually some of the best months to visit Crete. Not only will you enjoy the beaches without the large crowds, in September the sea is quite warm. The weather in Crete from September to October varies on average between 24-27°C (75-81°F) the highest and 16-19°C (61-66 °F) the lowest.

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