How were Greek city states governed quizlet?

How are Greek city states governed?

The four most common systems of Greek government were: Democracy – rule by the people (male citizens). Monarchy – rule by an individual who had inherited his role. Oligarchy – rule by a select group of individuals.

How were the Greek city states controlled by the citizens?

Ancient Greek city-states were controlled by monarchies, councils of oligarchies, or through democracy. Athens invented democracy which allowed the people to rule the city-state.

Which types of government did the Greek city states have quizlet?

The kinds of governments that ruled Greek city-states were aristocracies, the best people, or the citizens governed themselves.

Did Greek city states govern themselves?

Each city-state ruled itself. They differed greatly from the each other in governing philosophies and interests. For example, Sparta was ruled by two kings and a council of elders. It emphasized maintaining a strong military, while Athens valued education and art.

How does the Greek government work?

Greece is a parliamentary republic whose constitution was last amended in May 2008. There are three branches of government. The executive includes the president, who is head of state, and the prime minister, who is head of government. There is a 300-seat unicameral “Vouli” (legislature).

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How did balance and order govern Greek architecture?

Greeks believed that there is balance and harmony that govern the universe. … In architecture, Greeks were inspired by the harmony and order of the universe which they mimicked in architecture by using mathematics and geometry to make a harmony of proportions.

What are 3 things that were traded in the city-states?

Traded goods

A city-state is a city that rules over the area around it. Common goods were grains, wine, olives, cheese, honey, meat and tools. In many parts of the world, people wanted beautiful Greek pottery.

What were the two main forms of government in Greek city-states quizlet?

Oligarchy is a rule by the few. ; The Greek city-states began as a monarchy the changed to an aristocracy, an oligarchy, a tyranny, and lastly, a democracy. You just studied 16 terms!

Why did the Greeks develop city-states quizlet?

City-states developed when citizens grouped together for protection and stability. … Greek city-states were built on a high acropolis for protection.

What ancient Greek city state developed the form of government we call democracy quizlet?

Democracy developed first in the city-state of Athens.