Is Santorini humid in June?

Is Santorini humid or dry?

Santorini has some high humidity months, with other comfortably humid months. The least humid month is July (56.7% relative humidity), and the most humid month is November (62.1%). Wind in Santorini is usually stronger than many places.

Is it humid in Greece in June?

The average humidity levels in June are listed below for cities and islands throughout Greece. You can jump to a separate table for each section of the country: Aegean Islands, Crete, Peloponnese, as well as Western, Central and Northern Greece.

Western Greece.

Place %
Araxos 63
Argostoli 66
Kerkyra 63
Patras 62

Is June a good time to visit Santorini?

The best time to visit Santorini is between late April and early November when the weather is warm and there is little rain. For hot weather, nightlife, swimming, and sunbathing visit in June, July, August, or September.

Is Greece humid or dry?

The climate of greece is classified as Csa Climate; a warm temperated mediterranean climate with dry, warm summers and moderate, wet winters with the warmest month above 22°C over average.

Does Santorini get windy?

Santorini has two unique characteristics you need to know about. It gets very windy and very humid. The winds are because there are no mountains on the island and the humidity is because every village on the island is very close to the sea. … These are strong winds that usually blow during the summer.

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Is Greece hot in June?

Averages Southern Athens gives a good idea of the weather you can expect in Greece’s popular holiday destinations. You’ll get an average high of 30ºC if choose June for your holidays to Greece, and things stay quite warm in the evenings at 19ºC. The sea temperature’s 22ºC, while humidity’s moderate.

How hot is Santorini in June?

High season has arrived on the island, and with it, some of the best weather of the year: a gorgeous 13 hours of sunshine each day on average, and temperatures regularly topping 80°F.

How many days do you need in Santorini?

We recommend 3 to 5 days in Santorini in order to visit as many places as possible. Santorini is a very interesting island and except from Oia, the volcano and the amazing views, there are many things to see and do. But you can also do it in 24 hours and many day trips are proposed from other nearby islands.

What is the average humidity in Greece?

Show Relative Humidity by Month

Month Avg. Relative Humidity
Jan 65%
Feb 63.3%
Mar 61.2%
Apr 56.4%

Is Greece hotter than Italy?

Farther east, temperatures in Athens, Greece are almost as high. While their averages are similar, when Valletta and Athens feel their heat is quite different. Valletta enjoys exceptionally warm winters, but Athens has slightly hotter summers.

Hottest Cities in Europe.

High °F 70.5
High °C 21.4
City Rome, Italy
Low °F 48.3
Low °C 9.1