Question: What made travel and communication difficult in ancient Greece?

Why was travel so difficult in ancient Greece?

Travel by land in ancient Greece was difficult. Roads were nothing more than dirt paths that were dry and dusty during the summer and muddy during the winters. Some roads were cut with ruts so that the wheels of carts could roll within them. … Rich people could rent or own horses for travel.

Why was it difficult for ancient Greeks to travel around and communicate with each other?

Why did people in different ancient Greek settlements have very little communication with each other? The land was very difficult to travel. … Ancient Greeks were always near water and learned to travel by ship.

What were the difficulties in traveling by land?

Travel by land was hard because roads were not paved. People had to bring their own food and other supplies with them. Sudden storms might send ships off course or sink them.

How did Greek mountains affect communication?

Terms in this set (19) How did Greek mountains affect communication? People were isolated from one another. What made farming in ancient Greece especially difficult?

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What was one difficulty that the ancient Greeks faced on the mainland How did they overcome this difficulty?

City states were walled off by nature from other city states. The topography made it hard for any one area to try to control any other. So, topography and geography made it difficult to unify ancient Greece because it divided up the land and encouraged the development of fiercely independent city states.

What was the result of the mountains in Greece how did it make travel difficult?

The many hills and mountains provided shrubs to feed the herds of sheep, goats, and cattle. Because farming didn’t produce huge surpluses, and travel across the terrain was difficult, the Greeks came to depend on the sea.

What are some challenges merchant ships faced?

Identify a challenge the merchant ships faced? Many islands or rocks to crash into; they had no lighthouses. The one person who made decisions was called a king. They made decisions with their council of aristocrats.

What are the travel constraints?

Travel constraints are defined as factors which inhibit either initial or further travel, constrain an individual’s ability to maintain or increase the frequency of travel and/or negatively affect their quality of travel.