Quick Answer: Where is Souda Bay Crete?

How do you get to Souda Bay Greece?

There is no direct connection from Athens to Souda Bay (Water). However, you can take the subway to Στ. Πειραια, take the walk to Piraeus, take the car ferry to Santorini, take the car ferry to Heraklion, take the walk to Heraklion, then take the bus to Kalami.

Is there an air force base in Greece?

Hellenikon Air Base is a decommissioned United States Air Force base located in Athens, Greece.

Hellenikon Air Base
Elevation AMSL 21 m / 68 ft
Coordinates 37°53′54″N 23°43′46″E

How many American military bases are in Greece?

The US has a Naval base at Souda Bay on Crete as well as air bases in Larissa and Stefanovikeio, central Greece, and the port of Alexandroupoli in northern Greece and at least four more will be added, the paper said.

Does Crete have an airport?

Heraklion International Airport is the main hub for flights to and from Crete. … You can also use Heraklion as a hub to book flights to the other main airport on the island, Chania International Airport, or the smaller Sitia Airport.

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