What did poor people in ancient Greece wear?

What did Greek slaves wear?

What did ancient Greek slaves wear? The exomis was a garment worn by men of lower statuses (working class and slaves). This shorter garment was draped over the man’s body and fastened on one of the man’s shoulders. In order to withstand the daily routines, this piece was typically made of a more durable fabric.

What kind of clothes do they wear in Greece?

Most traditional costumes for women have a simple cotton dress as a base, with a sleeveless wool vest over it. To this, women may add aprons, sashes and, perhaps most importantly, large head scarves. One example of a traditional outfit for women is the karagouna.

Was there poverty in ancient times?

In the Ancient world poverty was a visible and common phenomenon. According to estimations 9 out of 10 persons lived close to the subsistence level or below it. There was no middle class. The state did not show much concern for the poor.

What do poor people in Greece eat?

Poor families ate oak acorns (βάλανοι balanoi). Raw or preserved olives were a common appetizer. In the cities, fresh vegetables were expensive, and therefore, the poorer city dwellers had to make do with dried vegetables.

Was there poverty in ancient Athens?

In the fifth and fourth centuries BC Athenian ideas about poverty were ideologically charged. The poor were contrasted with the rich and found, for the most part, to be both materially and morally deficient. … Defined this way, this group covered around 99% of the population of Athens.

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