What does the Greek word Toy mean?

Where does the word toy come from?

From Middle English toye (“amorous play, piece of fun or entertainment”), probably from Middle Dutch toy, tuyg (“tools, apparatus, utensil, ornament”) as in Dutch speel-tuig (“play-thing, toy”), from Old Dutch *tiug, from Proto-Germanic *teugą (“stuff, matter, device, gear, lever”, literally “that which is drawn or …

What does toy mean in Latin?

Latin Translation. toy. More Latin words for toy. crepundia noun. rattle, plaything.

What does being a toy mean?

a : flirtatious or seductive behavior. b : pastime also : a sportive or amusing act : antic. toy. verb. toyed; toying; toys.

Is toy an adjective?

toy (adjective) … soft toy (noun)

What is a toy in slang?

TOY means “Thinking of You.”

What girl toy means?

n a young unmarried woman, esp. one who is self-supporting. bar girl.

What does it mean to toy with someone emotions?

to tease someone; to deal lightly with someone’s emotions. Ann broke up with Tom because he was just toying with her. He was not serious at all. Don’t toy with me!

What does it mean to be someone’s play toy?

English Language Learners Definition of plaything

: a toy. : a person or thing that you treat in a careless way and use for your own amusement or advantage.

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What does toy with someone mean?

2 : to move or touch (something) with one’s fingers often without thinking She toyed with her hair while she talked on the phone. 3 : to deal with or control (someone or something) in a clever and usually unfair or selfish way Do you really love me, or are you just toying with me? Don’t toy with my emotions.

What is the synonym of toy?

Toy Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for toy?

trinket bauble
whatnot knickknack
doodah triviality
knick-knack entertainment article
bibelot gaud