What god did Crete worship?

What is the religion of Crete?

The Orthodox faith is the official and prevailing religion of Crete and a key element of local identity and culture. While younger generations are not necessarily as devout as their elders, nor do they attend church regularly, most still observe the rituals and consider the faith integral to their identity.

Did Minoans worship Zeus?

Mycenaean period

The Minoans viewed Velchanos as less powerful that the goddess. At some point, the Mycenaean civilization came in contact with the Minoans, who identified their own god Zeus with the Cretan god.

Is Crete poor?

Giorgos Pitsoulis, revealed during an event in Heraklion, 7.330 families on the island are living in poverty. More specific, 16.083 people are living in poverty (according to facts from the Municipalities of the island).

What are people from Crete called?

Yes, it’s CRETAN. In Greek we call them κρητικός (critikos) which sounds exactly like κριτικός (critikos), ergo, the one who offers a critical opinion, not necessarily a criticism.

Who did the mycenaeans worship?

The major gods of classical Greece that were worshipped in Mycenaean Greece included Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hermes, Artemis, Ares, Athena, and Dionysus.

Who was the main god of the Minoans?

The religion of the ancient Minoans of Crete largely revolved around the Mother Goddess, their chief deity, who was typically associated with snakes.

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