What is a Stasimon in Greek tragedy?

What happens during the stasimon?

The stasimon is a section of a Greek play where the chorus sings alone in the orchestra, the actors are off-stage, It is a section where the chorus describes the background to the story being related, adding details or context, and the setting of the mood. …

Is a stasimon an ode?

noun, plural stas·i·ma [stas-uh-muh]. (in ancient Greek drama) a choral ode, especially in tragedy, divided into strophe and antistrophe: usually alternating with the epeisodion and, in the final ode, preceding the exodos.

What is the Exodos in Greek Theatre?

Exodos- The exodus is the final scene or departure, usually a scene of dialogue. In some cases, songs were added.

What is the first stasimon?

An episode is the scene that occurs between the p6rodos and the first stasimon (also called the first ode) or between any two stasimons (odes). A stasimon is any extended choral ode after the parodos. In the Fitts and Fitzgerald translation,the term Ode replaces Stosimon, a more traditional Greek term.

What is the purpose of kommos?

A kommos (from Greek κομμός, kommós, literally “striking”, especially “beating of the head and breast in mourning”) is a lyrical song of lamentation in an Athenian tragedy that the chorus and a dramatic character sing together. A kommos occurs “when the tension of the play rises to a climax of grief or horror or joy”.

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What is the subject of the chorus first Stasimon?

What’s important, the Chorus notes, is to treat “laws with due respect and [honor] justice by swearing on the gods.” Their warning foreshadows the fate of Creon, who ignores the laws of the gods but makes sure his laws are obeyed.

Who composed the piece stasimon?

Katolophyromai (Greek: κατολοφύρομαι), is the headword in a musical fragment from the first stasimon of Orestes by Euripides (lines 338-344, Vienna Papyrus G 2315).

What is parados and Exodus?

Plot- prologue (established conflict), parados (chorus entrance), episodes (dramatic relationship), odes (chorus commentary), exodus (end of action) Character- physical, social, psychological, moral.

What do the Greek myths suggest about tragedy?

What do the Greek myths suggest about tragedy? Answer: Tragedy serves both as a narrative device and as a reminder of everyday human reality. In tale after tale, tragedy unfolds. Even some stories that begin happily have unexpected, sad endings for their characters.

What’s the definition of parados?

: a bank of earth behind a fortification trench — compare parapet sense 1.