What is tea called in Greece?

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What’s a Greek tea?

Greek mountain tea, also known as “Shepherd’s Tea,” is a naturally caffeine-free herbal tea infusion made from the dried flowers, leaves and stems of the Sideritis plant, which flourishes throughout high elevations in the mountains of Greece.

What type of tea do Greeks drink?

Most often, chamomile is the tea people in Greece when you order a “Greek tea” or just a “tea” in a restaurant in Greece. Referred to as “camomila” in the Greek language, this tea is as popular as it is common. Chamomile, with its daisy like flowers, grows prolifically throughout the Greek countryside.

What is Mediterranean tea?

Mediterranean Mint is a caffeine free herbal tea. Tasting Notes: sweet mint, oregano, sage. Origin: Greece. This herbal infusion emits a lively minty aroma, has a buttery mouthfeel followed by a soft herbaceous finish, and is caffeine free.

What is tea in Latin?

The colloquial Greek word for tea is tsáï, from Slavic chai. … However, tea in Polish is herbata, which, as well as Lithuanian arbata, was derived from the Dutch herba thee, although a minority believes that it was derived Latin herba thea, meaning “tea herb.”

How often should you drink Greek mountain tea?

It is said to bolster the immune system and is valued for its antioxidants, as an anti-inflammatory and to reduce fever. Greek grandmother’s rule: At least one cup a day. Here’s to your health!

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Is Greek mountain tea safe?

There are no reported side effects related to Greek mountain tea. As mentioned earlier, humans have consumed it since ancient times, and have found it beneficial and safe. Also, numerous studies related to Sideritis indicate no adverse effects.