What is the golden apple in Greek mythology?

What was special about the golden apples?

Obtaining the Golden Apples from the Garden of the Hesperides was the 11th of the Twelve Labors. Melanion used golden apples given to him by Aphrodite to distract Atalanta so that he could win the race. … The Norse Golden Apples are more equivalent to the Greek Ambrosia, and were a vital food of the Norse Gods.

Why did the goddesses want the golden apple?

Paris gave the golden apple to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and fertility, who, in return, promised to give him the beautiful Helen of Troy, thereby triggering the Trojan War.

What is golden apple in Iliad?

Eris was so furious about her exclusion that she decided to go to the wedding and throw a golden apple, the fruit of temptation, to the banquet table. The apple was supposed to go out to the “Calliste” – that mean the fairest one.

Why did Paris give Athena the golden apple?

Each of the goddesses also offered Paris a gift as a bribe in return for the apple; Hera offered to make him the king of Europe and Asia Minor, Athena offered him wisdom and skill in battle, and Aphrodite offered to give to him the love of the world’s most beautiful woman, Helen of Sparta, who was already married to …

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Why did Paris give the golden apple to Aphrodite?

Paris handed the golden apple to the goddess Aphrodite because she promised him, in exchange, the love of the most beautiful woman in the world.

Was the golden apple an orange?

But going back to the apples, according to later interpretations of the legend, it was decided that the “golden apple” given to Hera by Gaia on her wedding to Zeus, was actually an orange tree. … In tropical weather its color is not even orange but green, even when it is ripe.

How did the golden apple affect the goddesses?

This Golden Apple of Discord was to be given “to the fairest” — and caused a dispute among the goddesses Hera, Athene and Aphrodite that would lead to the judgment of Paris and ultimately the Trojan war.

How did Hercules get the golden apples?

Eurystheus commanded Hercules to bring him golden apples which belonged to Zeus, king of the gods. Hera had given these apples to Zeus as a wedding gift, so surely this task was impossible. … He was stopped by Kyknos, the son of the war god, Ares, who demanded that Hercules fight him.