What is there to see between Athens and Meteora?

Where should I stop between Delphi and Meteora?

Drive From Meteora to Delphi Across the Thessaly Plain

  • The flat Thessaly Plain.
  • Trikala.
  • Modern, clean rest rooms along the A3 on the drive between Meteora and Delphi.
  • Panoramic view over the Thessaly Basin from Southern Pindus.
  • Mountain views Worth the concentration driving across the Southern Pindus.

How many days do you need in Meteora?

Allow a minimum of two days (ideally three or four) to fully experience all Meteora has to offer. (If you want to add other classic Grecian sites to your itinerary, let this guide inspire you.) Only six of the original 24 monasteries still function, but they do welcome guests.

Where should I stop between Athens and Meteora?

There are several worthwhile stops on the way from Athens to Meteora. These include the Archaeological Museum of Thebes, or the museum and archaeological park at Delphi (stopping in Delphi will require you to take a slightly longer route).

Can you stay in a monastery in Meteora?

Tourists who visit Greece must have visited the Meteora monasteries. Doupiani House, situated in the small town Kastraki is a good place to stay. The rooms are very nice and clean, the breakfast buffet serves typical Greek food and it’s possible to walk from the hotel to some of the monasteries.

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Which is better Delphi or Meteora?

If you have an interest in history & the sites Delphi is one of the best to see, even better with some reading on it before visiting. If the interest is not so great & spectacular scenery & dramatic locations of the monasteries appeals more then you will love Meteora.

Where do you stop on the way to Athens?

The top stops along the way from Athens to Thessaloniki (with short detours) are Acropolis Museum, White Tower of Thessaloniki, and Parthenon. Other popular stops include Delphi, Koukounaries Beach, and Plaka.