What two gods competed for Athens?

What two gods had a contest to be the patron of Athens?

Athena And Poseidon’s Contest: How Did Athens Get Its Name? Back when ancient Athens was not named Athens, the gods Athena and Poseidon fought for the right to make the city theirs.

Who were the first 2 Greek gods?

Greek Mythology Chart – Family Tree. All Greek gods are the offspring or descendants of the first two gods, Uranus and Gaia. Uranus’ name means “sky” and Gaia’s name means “earth”. Uranus and Gaia had two children, Cronos and Rhea, who were the first Titans.

What was Poseidon’s gift to Athens?

In the legendary competition with Athena to win the patronage of Athens, Poseidon offered to the city the gifts of a saltwater spring and a horse. However, Athena’s gift of an olive tree gained greater favour, and it was she who would become the patron of the great city.

Who won Athens Poseidon or Athena?

Athena and Poseidon vied for control of Athens and its surrounding territory, Attica. The contest took place on the Acropolis. Poseidon struck the rock with his trident and produced a salt spring or a horse. Athena brought forth an olive tree from the ground by the touch of her spear and she was proclaimed the victor.

Who kills Zeus?

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