What was one way Alexander spread Greek ideas?

How did Alexander spread Greek ideas?

Alexander spread Greek culture throughout the Persian Empire, including parts of Asia and Africa. … Alexander encouraged his soldiers to marry Persian women, in this way, the children of these marriages would share both Persian and Greek cultures.

How did Greek civilization spread?

Greek thought, language, and culture spread north to Europe through trade and, further, by Roman conquest of regions such as modern-day France, Spain, and Britain, Hellenizing the entire world of antiquity and influencing virtually every culture which has contributed to the formation of learning and understanding in …

How Alexander spread Greek ideas to unite the different peoples of his empire?

Educated by the Greek philosopher Aristotle, Alexander enlarged his empire by invading Asia Minor. He conquered Persia, Egypt, Central Asia, and western India. He planned to unite his vast empire by spreading Greek culture, by inspiring loyalty through religion, and by adopting some of the customs of conquered peoples.

Why did Alexander want to spread the Greek culture to lands he conquered?

He wanted to spread Greek ideas to the far corners of his empire. He hoped Greek cul- ture would blend with the cultures of the people he conquered. One way Alexander tried to accomplish his goal was by build- ing Greek-style cities. He established many cities in different parts of the empire.

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How did Greek ideas spread so far?

How did Greek ideas spread so far? It’s down to Alexander, the young king of Macedon. He led his army to take over Greece, Persia, Egypt and even part of India. … They admired the Greeks’ way of life and carried Greek ideas to even more countries – including ours!

What are three examples of how Alexander adopted the ways of other cultures to show respect for the people he had conquered?

Write three examples of how Alexander adopted the ways of other cultures to show respect for the people he had conquered.

  • He borrowed Persian customs and the Persian system of government. …
  • He encouraged marriage between Macedonians and Persians.