Which of the following has Greece petitioned the British Museum to return?

Where did the British Museum get their stuff?

Treasure. Many important objects in the Museum’s collection from the British Isles were acquired as a result of laws related to buried treasure. For centuries, valuable metal items hidden or buried by their owners for later recovery were deemed to be the property of the Crown.

Why won’t the British Museum return the Parthenon sculptures?

The British Museum argues that the sculptures in their collection should remain in London because there’s nowhere to house them in Greece and that the Greek authorities can’t look after them.

Why the Elgin marbles should be returned to Greece?

The legality of the statues is still highly disputed between the U.K. and Greece, with Greek officials arguing that due to the Ottoman’s occupation, the decree was not valid and the Ottomans had no authority over the Parthenon, therefore the marbles should be returned to Athens.

What does the British Museum collect?

Originally a museum of natural history, books and manuscripts, art and archaeology, through the years the Museum has evolved into a collection of art and artefacts from the world’s cultures. The Collecting the world display opened in Autumn 2014.

Are the Parthenon Marbles returning?

Johnson insisted that the sculptures, removed from the monument by Lord Elgin in circumstances that have since spurred one of the world’s most famous cultural rows, would remain in Britain because they had been legally acquired. …

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