Who did the Greece empire trade with?

What places did Greece trade with?

Trade also existed between the Greeks, Near Eastern cities and Egypt. Colonies were found in Asia Minor (now Turkey), Spain and North Africa, one of the most important being Naucratis, a port city in Egypt. Athens’ port city, Piraeus, flourished and brought the city wealth as trade grew.

What did Greece trade on the Silk Road?

What did Greece trade on the Silk Road? The Greek crocus was one of the main products traded to China through the northern Silk Road caravan. Today, Greek crocus is used in medicine, cosmetics, food, beverage industry, confectionery and many more.

Why did Athens need to trade with other city-states and colonies and what products did they trade?

Why did Athens need to trade with other city-states and colonies, and what products did they trade with? They lacked enough land to grow food. They traded pottery and leather goods. … In a battle soon after the war started, Sparta and its allies surrounded Athens.

Why was ancient Greece dependent on trade?

Ancient Greece was dependent on trade in large part because only a small part of its land was usable for farming. The various regions of Greece were separated by RIVERS. … Not long after the Trojan War, the MINOANS became the dominant Greek civilization, and a period of decline began.

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Which was the most important reason for the Greek city-states to trade with other partners in the Mediterranean Sea?

The Greeks traded their surplus precious metals and spices with other partners. The Greeks imported wine and fine pottery from other city-states. The Greeks sought new colonies to satisfy their needs for natural resources. The Greeks heavily relied on land as their transportation routes.