Why are the Elgin Marbles so important to Greece?

Why are the Elgin Marbles important?

The sculptures on the east pediment tell the tale of the birth of the goddess Athena, while those on the west depict a battle between Athena and the god Poseidon to determine who would be the patron deity of Athens.

Why were the Elgin Marbles created?

The marble sculptures date back over 2,500 years and were first constructed in honor of the Greek goddess, Athena. … These include The British Museum, the Louvre, the Vatican collection, and the new Acropolis Museum in Athens. As for the Parthenon Sculptures, however, they are split evenly between London and Athens.

Why should the British Museum keep the Elgin Marbles?

The British Museum argues that the sculptures in their collection should remain in London because there’s nowhere to house them in Greece and that the Greek authorities can’t look after them.

How did Lord Elgin acquire the marbles?

The marbles were taken from Greece to Malta, then a British protectorate, where they remained for a number of years until they were transported to Britain. The excavation and removal was completed in 1812 at a personal cost to Elgin of £74,240 (equivalent to £4,700,000 in 2019 pounds).

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Did Elgin save the marbles?

Whatever Elgin’s motives, there is no doubt at all that he saved his sculpture from worse damage. However, in prising out some of the pieces that still remained in place, his agents inevitably inflicted further damage on the fragile ruin.

What are the Elgin Marbles and why are they so controversial?

They are also referred to as the Parthenon Marbles since some of the collection came from the Parthenon, a Greek temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. So who do they actually belong to? Well, that’s why they’re so controversial – the Greeks allege that Britain took them and that they should be returned.

Who was Lord Elgin and what did he do?

It was under this Lord Elgin that responsible government came to Canada. He was the first Governor General to allow the local, elected legislature to govern while he adopted a largely symbolic role.

Why should the marbles be returned to Greece?

Perhaps the most impassioned argument for the return of the Parthenon sculptures is that the pieces represent a vital and central part of Greek cultural heritage. That they are the most prominent and symbolic link that modern Athens and modern Athenians have with the greatness of their ancient ancestors.