Why was Philip able to defeat the Greek city states?

Why was it easy for Philip II to conquer nearly all of the Greek city-states?

What was the condition of Greece that made it easy for Philip II to conquer almost all the Greek city-states? Greece was divided and weak because of the Peloponnesian War. … The condition of Greece that made it easy for Philip II to conquer almost all the Greek city-states. You just studied 46 terms!

How did Philip II take control of Greece?

King Philip II took control of Greece by making most of the Greek city-states his allies (by diplomacy, bribery, or threats). Those who tried to oppose him could not stand against his army and his allies.

Did Philip defeat the Greeks?

Battle of Chaeronea, (August 338 bce), battle in Boeotia, central Greece, in which Philip II of Macedonia defeated a coalition of Greek city-states led by Thebes and Athens.

How did Philip conquer Greece?

Philip used his military knowledge to strengthen the Macedonian army. … King Philip’s military battles and diplomatic tactics resulted in the expansion of his empire and domination over all of Greece. After he conquered Greece, he planned to conquer the Persian Empire, but he would never achieve this goal.

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What two ways did Philip II use to gain control of Greek city-states?

How was Philip II able to gain control over most of Greece? The Greek city-states were weakened by the Peloponnesian War and Philip was able to conquer some city-states and bribed others. Some willingly joined him.

Why did Athens become the leading power of Greece after the Persian Wars?

How did Athens become a powerful empire after the Persian Wars? After the Persian War was over, and Sparta and Athens had defeated Persia, they emerged as heroes and powerful city-states. … Every city-state donated money and supplies to the league, and as the league’s leader, Athens took the money for themselves.