You asked: How do I get Greek citizenship by descent?

How do you qualify for Greek citizenship?

In general, all those who wish to become Greek citizens must:

  1. Be an adult (above 18 years of age), at the time of the application.
  2. Not have been irrevocably convicted of a crime/offense committed intentionally, during the last decade before the application for Greek citizenship.
  3. Not be under a deportation order.

How do I get dual citizenship in Greece?

Greek citizenship may be acquired by descent or through naturalization. Greek law permits dual citizenship. A Greek national is a citizen of the European Union, and therefore entitled to the same rights as other EU citizens.

Greek nationality law.

Greek Citizenship Act.
Enacted by Government of Greece
Status: Current legislation

What documents do you need for Greek citizenship?

When submitting the application, the applicant must submit all documents proving his/her right to claim the Greek citizenship (certificates of registration of the ancestor in the municipal records, birth certificate of the applicant, marriage certificate of the ancestor etc).

Does Greece accept dual nationality?

Dual Citizenship Greece

31 Civil Code, Art 2 par. 2 Law 4251/2014 dual citizenship is allowed. A Greek citizen will not lose Greek citizenship upon acquiring a second citizenship, unless a request for renunciation is made as per Art.

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How do I find my Greek ancestors?

Top 14 Resources for Greek Genealogy Records

  1. Ancestry records. …
  2. MyHeritage records. …
  3. Greek Ancestry website. …
  4. Hellenic Genealogy Geek blog. …
  5. General State Archives of Greece (GAK) website.

How do I prove my passport for ancestry?

The applicant must provide the birth certificates and other documents that prove his or her connection to the country via ancestry. For example, if your parents, grandparents, or (in rare cases) great grandparents hail from a country, you could be eligible to get that country’s citizenship yourself.

Who can get a Greek passport?

ATTENTION: Only Greek Citizens are entitled to apply for a Greek passport. American citizens of Greek background who do not hold Greek citizenship as well (Greek citizenship is proven through the registration of a person in a Municipality in Greece) are not entitled to a Greek passport.

Can you be tri nationality?

Yes. The United Kingdom allows triple citizenship (multiple citizenship). This means that when you become a British citizen, you don’t need to give up previous nationalities. Also, having other citizenships will not affect your application for British citizenship.

Do I qualify for a Greek passport?

If you have a Greek grandfather or grandmother who was born in Greece or was naturalized, you are considered to be eligible for Greek citizenship. If you have a Greek great-grandfather or great-grandmother who was born in Greece or was naturalized, you are considered to be eligible for Greek citizenship.

What is a Greek citizen called?

A citizen of Greece is called ELLIN POLITIS. This is because when the first city was established, it was called Polis in ancient Greek language and it had its own market that was named agora. The word politis translates as the one from the city.

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Is Greek a nationality or ethnicity?

The Greeks or Hellenes (/ˈhɛliːnz/; Greek: Έλληνες, Éllines [ˈelines]) are an ethnic group native to the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea regions, namely Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Italy, Turkey, Egypt and, to a lesser extent, other countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.