You asked: Which city is called Athens of the East?

Which is called Athens of East?

Madurai also called “Athens of the east” is the third populous city in Tamil Nadu and the third-largest city in Tamil Nadu in terms of area. … Tall standing Meenakshi Amman temple is the iconic landmark of Madurai. People visit Madurai mostly to visit the temple.

Which city is known as the Athens of South India?


Madurai Madura
Country India
State Tamil Nadu
District Madurai district

Which place is called as Athens of India?

Madurai(Tamil Nadu) is called Athens of India…

Why is Madurai called Athens of the East?

“We all refer to Madurai as the Athens of the East without understanding its significance,” says Mr. Ramalingam. Athens had the Greek pantheon located at an elevated plane which could be seen from anywhere in the city.

What is the Athens of the West?

Many institutions, events, and people contributed to Lexington being designated the “Athens of the West” in the poem: … The country around Lexington for many miles in every direction, is equal in beauty and fertility to anything the imagination can paint and is already in a high state of cultivation.”

Why is Madurai called Sleepless city?

Madurai is popularly called ‘Thoonga Nagaram,’ the city that never sleeps. That nickname justifiably describes its night life. … The number of patients coming to us with either primary or secondary sleep disorder is an indication of that, and it is time to have a massive sleep advocacy campaign in this city,” says C. P.

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