Your question: Is Lake Athens constant level?

What is the current water level of Lake Athens?

Most Recent Instantaneous Water Level

Date/time Water Level (ft)
Most recent 2021-10-17 04:30 439.90
1 hour prior 2021-10-17 03:30 439.93
2 hours prior 2021-10-17 02:30 439.93
6 hours prior 2021-10-16 22:30 439.94

Can you swim in Lake Athens Texas?

You can swim there, but there is not a beach area.

What is Lake Athens famous?

This 1,799 acre spring fed lake is located on FM 2495 and is best known for its largemouth bass. Lake Athens is a great place to enjoy fishing, as well as watersport activities. … We also offer frozen bait, fishing supplies, soft drinks, snacks, ice, and boat fuel.

Are there alligators in Athens TX?

Throughout the years, alligators have been spotted on Lake Athens and Cedar Creek Lake. But alligator attacks are rare. “The American alligator was once very common in rivers, creeks and backwater sloughs of East and South Texas,” the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website shows.

What is the deepest lake in Texas?

Lake Buchanan (Texas)

Lake Buchanan
First flooded 1939
Surface area 22,333 acres (34.9 sq mi; 90.4 km2)
Max. depth 132 ft (40 m)
Water volume 875,566 acre⋅ft (1.079995 km3)

How old is Cedar Creek lake?

The lake, which is technically named Cedar Creek Reservoir, was completed in 1965 as a water source to Fort Worth and many other local communities in North Texas. The lake is approximately 18 miles long and just over 2 miles wide.

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