Your question: Who established the public court system in ancient Greece?

Who made the laws in ancient Greece?

The Law in Ancient Greece. The traditions of Athens and Sparta say that the laws were given to them by Solon and Lycurgus, legendary figures who served as leaders of their city-states long ago. The two traditions agree that the laws are made by the Assembly and approved by the Senate.

What was the court system in ancient Greece?

Ancient Greek courts were cheap and run by laypeople. … There were no court officials, no lawyers, and no official judges. A normal case consisted of two litigants, arguing if an unlawful act had been committed. The jury would decide whether the accused was guilty, and should he be guilty, what the punishment will be.

Did the Greeks invent trial by jury?

Trial by jury was not invented by the ancient Greeks. But it was fine tuned. We use many of their steps in our court system today. In the USA today, a defendant can choose to have a judge rather than a jury trial.

How were court cases decided in ancient Athens?

The Athenian jurors were chosen randomly by lot, which meant that juries would consist, in theory, of a wide range of members from different social classes. Jurors were chosen on an annual basis, as were all other offices within the state (with the exception of the generals, known as strategoi).

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Who presented the criminal cases in ancient Greece?

As in modern times, a case was initiated by a plaintiff bringing a complaint. The plaintiff was responsible for serving the complaint on the defendant in the presence of witnesses. [14] The complaint was then brought before a magistrate, who was a citizen chosen by lot, who then held a preliminary hearing [anakrisis].

Who judged trails in ancient Athens?

The trial of Socrates took place over a nine-to-ten hour period in the People’s Court, located in the agora, the civic center of Athens. The jury consisted of 500 male citizens over the age of thirty, chosen by lot from among volunteers.

What is the origin of jury trials?

In the 12th century, Henry II took a major step in developing the jury system. Henry set up a system to resolve land disputes using juries. … A criminal accused by this jury was given a trial by ordeal. Under the jury, the chances of being found guilty were much lower, as the king did not choose verdict (or punishment).

Does Greece have a jury system?

Crimes are judged as follows: Felonies are judged, at first instance, by the “mixed” Court of First Instance and, at second instance, by the “mixed” Court of Appeal. … In these “mixed” courts four jurors participate along with three professional judges, of first instance and of appeal, respectively.