Best answer: Can you tour Athens on your own?

Is Athens safe to visit alone?

Is Greece safe to travel alone? Yes, Greece is generally very safe for solo female travellers as Greek people can be friendly and helpful. … When you solo travel to Greece, especially Athens, be careful at night and keep a close eye on your belongings, just as you would in any other large city.

What can you do in Athens on your own?

Things To Do Alone in Athens

  • 1 | Nemea Vineyards Day Trip & Wine Tastings. Choose your favorite local host.
  • 2 | Acropolis Skip the Line & Hidden Gems Tour. Choose your favorite local host.
  • 3 | Delicious Food Tour with Food Journalist.
  • 4 | Athens LGBTQ Culture & Hangout Spots.
  • 5 | Athens’ Hidden Gems & Best Views.

Do I need a tour guide in Athens?

Private Guides In Athens

There is no standard recipe for traveling. … So, if you have set your heart on having a trip that stands out, then going with private guides will be the only choice and best thing to do in Athens.

How long do you need to tour Athens?

Really, it’s a personal deal, but 4 days in Athens is generally enough to see the main sights. You are certainly going to want to head back to this beautiful Greek capital city, but as a taster, 4 days is a great option.

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What should I avoid in Athens?

When keeping in mind areas to avoid in Athens, know that Omonia, Exarcheia, Vathi, and Kolokotroni Squares have high crime rates and should be avoided at night, if not altogether.

Is Greece on the green list?

Some of the main tourist destinations are: The Bahamas, Belgium, British Virgin Islands, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Greece (including islands), Italy, Portugal (Madeira is on the green watchlist and The Azores will move to the green list), Saudi Arabia, Spain (including the Canary and Balearic Islands), the …

What is there to do in Athens besides the Acropolis?

What to Do in Athens on Your First Visit (Besides Visit the…

  • Visit the other sites included with your Acropolis ticket. …
  • Buy snacks at the central market. …
  • Hike Mount Lycabettus. …
  • Window shop in Monastiraki. …
  • Get your history on at the Acropolis Museum. …
  • Go on a food tour. …
  • Spend all your cash in Plaka. …
  • Take a day trip.

Can you fly into Athens Greece?

Passengers can enter the country through nine airports: Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Corfu, Rhodes, Kos, Chania, Mykonos, and Santorini. … All travelers must fill out a Passenger Locator Form no more than 24 hours prior to arriving in Greece.

Is Athens easy to get around?

Central Athens is relatively easy to navigate on foot since most of the city’s major sights sit near one another. Plus, downtown is home to an array of restaurants, shops and hotels.