Can foreigners buy in Bulgaria?

Can I still buy property in Bulgaria?

Since 1 January 2012 all EU and EEA (European Economic Area) citizens are allowed to buy land in Bulgaria. This applies to houses with gardens, all plots that are within the zoning of the settlements, apartments coming with shares of the land, offices and other commercial properties.

What are the pitfalls of buying property in Bulgaria?

The most common mistakes made when buying a property in Bulgaria can be summarized as: Paying a deposit to reserve a property. The seller insists that a lower price is put on the title deed (tax evasion). Feeling that you are the weak party when you are the market maker.

Can UK citizen buy property in Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria non-EU citizens are allowed to buy apartments and in this case they are treated exactly as EU citizens. Non-EU citizens, however, are not allowed to acquire land, so if a British national wants to buy a country house with yard, this may no longer be possible.

How long does it take to buy a house in Bulgaria?

After paying the deposit a preliminary agreement with the owner is signed within 30 days. The agreement settles the basic conditions which will later be copied to the Notary Deed.

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Can I live in Bulgaria after Brexit?

If you are a citizen of the UK or a family member of a citizen of the UK, who at the date of Brexit have a valid residence permit, issued by the Republic of Bulgaria, you will retain your residence rights in Bulgaria and you can use your permit up to 1 year after the end of the transition period or up to the expiry of …

Can a foreigner get a mortgage in Bulgaria?

Both permanent and non-permanent resident aliens can obtain mortgages in Bulgaria, pretty much like Bulgarian citizens. The mortgage application process as well as the interest levels and conditions will be very similar to that of BG citizens.

Is it safe to live in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is generally safe for expats. Foreign citizens, businesses or organizations are rarely targeted. Most occurrences of crime are restricted to the large urban areas. … Most locals will maintain that they have experienced one type of crime or another, but these are rarely violent or serious crimes.

Can I retire in Bulgaria?

Bulgarian offer favorable conditions for retired people to get a residence permit, and then move to live in Bulgaria. A Long-term Residence Permit stays in the country can be obtained by any foreign pensioner who has a place to live and enough money to stay in Bulgaria.

How many UK citizens live in Bulgaria?

At last count, nearly 9,500 Brits have officially made the move to Bulgaria, where their hard-earned savings go a lot further than in the UK. Another estimated 2,000-6,000 live in Bulgaria part-time, and are thus not registered as permanent residents.

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How cheap is it to live in Bulgaria?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 505$ (849лв) without rent. Cost of living in Bulgaria is, on average, 45.48% lower than in United States. Rent in Bulgaria is, on average, 78.32% lower than in United States.

Cost of Living in Bulgaria.

Restaurants Edit
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly, for 20 Years Fixed-Rate 3.46

Can Brits live in Bulgaria?

Permanent residence is available for British nationals who have arrived and settled in Bulgaria by the 31st of Dec 2020.