Can I edit my PLF for Greece?

Can I edit PLF form Greece?

The questionnaire (Passenger Locator Form) cannot be completed on the day of your flight. Note: Amendments can be made to the form after submission by clicking on your personal URL and then clicking on the pencil icon on the right hand side of the screen.

How do you correct a mistake in a PLF form?

If you happen to have made any mistake while filling out the form, you can correct the mistake by logging in again, then select the edit option on the dashboard and make the change. NOTE: Details related to vaccination are filled in only for the holder of the form, for others only names and surnames are entered.

Can you modify PLF?

If passengers want to edit or create a new PLF they can then use their credentials (email and password) to re-enter the EUdPLF application. … Email: The user should fill in a personal and unique email account. This email cannot be used for another user account on the platform.

Can you delete a PLF form?

You can not delete submitted forms. You could have edited the first one, but that option is gone now that you already have a form with entry date 01.11. You will receive a QR code on the 29.11.

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How do you complete a Greek PLF?

To fill in the PLF, registration on the site is required before filling out the form. As long as you register with email and password, you will receive an email to verify the account and you can then fill out the PLF Greece.

How soon can you fill out PLF for Greece?

– Tourists must fill in the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) no later than 23:59 (11.59 PM) of the day before arriving in Greece. For more information, please click here. You cannot do the online form on the day of arrival, like with many other countries, but you need to do it at a minimum a day before.

How early can I fill out my PLF for Greece?

The Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) on Thursday announced that all travelers to Greece can submit the mandatory Passenger Locator Form (PLF) any time before the departure of their flight – and not strictly 24 hours before, as was the case until now.

Do I need to print my PLF form?

Yes, it matters Maggie. You do need your PLF with QR code in top right hand corner so do persevere with printing it or at least opening the document to show at the airport on departure.

Is Greece on the green list?

Some of the main tourist destinations are: The Bahamas, Belgium, British Virgin Islands, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Greece (including islands), Italy, Portugal (Madeira is on the green watchlist and The Azores will move to the green list), Saudi Arabia, Spain (including the Canary and Balearic Islands), the …

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