Can you fly from Athens to Milos?

How do I get from Athens to Milos?

You can get from Athens to Milos by ferry daily throughout the year. There are at least 5 daily crossings to Milos during the summer. The route is normally serviced by the following ferry companies: Seajets, Golden Star Ferries, Aegean Speed Lines, Minoan Lines and Zante Ferries.

Can you fly to Milos Greece?

The only airline currently offering flights to Milos is Olympic Air, from Athens. This is a public service flight, and takes place twice a day. There are no public buses available from the airport, although there is a taxi rank. The best way to enjoy Milos is to hire a car.

How much is the ferry from Athens to Milos?

Most ferries from Athens to Milos make the trip in around 3 hours, though the trip can take up to 4 1/2 hours. Ferry tickets from Athens to Milos cost €40 to €70, depending on the type of ferry and class of ticket. Ferries from Athens to Milos depart from the port of Piraeus.

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Can you fly to Milos from UK?

There are no airlines that fly directly from London to Milos.

How do I fly to Milos?

There are frequent flights from Athens International Airport to the island of Milos all year long. The duration of the flight is around 40-45 min and the airport in Milos is located only 5km from the Adamantas port.

How many days do you need in Milos?

Milos for how many days? One to Three days. Milos is an island with a great geographical landscape, as its beaches are characterized by their rocky environment and clean water. The villages of Milos also distinguish for their lovely, traditional architecture.

Can you fly from Paros to Milos?

How many airlines fly direct from Paros to Milos? There are no airlines that fly directly from Paros to Milos.

How do you get from Milos to Kefalonia?

The best way to get from Kefalonia to Milos Island without a car is to bus and ferry and bus and car ferry which takes 13h 40m and costs €110 – €240. How long does it take to get from Kefalonia to Milos Island? It takes approximately 4h 30m to get from Kefalonia to Milos Island, including transfers.

Does Milos have an international airport?

Milos Island National Airport is an airport in Milos, Greece (IATA: MLO, ICAO: LGML). Milos is an island in the Cyclades. The airport is located 5 kilometers southeast of the harbour of the island.

Milos Island National Airport.

Milos Island National Airport Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Μήλου
Operator HCAA
Location Milos, Greece
Elevation AMSL 10 ft / 3 m
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Can you fly from Milos to Santorini?

There are no airlines that fly non-stop from Milos to Santorini (Thira).

How do I get from Mykonos to Milos?

The route Mykonos to Milos is operated by 2 ferry companies Seajets and Golden Star Ferries. This route is operated all year round and the ticket prices range between 69.00 and 89.70 euros. The trip duration from Mykonos to Milos is between 3h 5m – 5h 35m.

How do you get from Milos to Santorini?

The islands of Santorini and Milos are connected by daily ferry service in the busy summer tourist season, with more frequent ferries in June, July and August than in May and September. Ferries depart Athinios Port in Santorini from morning until mid-afternoon, with the latest ferry leaving Santorini at about 3:30pm.