Can you get a bus from pefkos to Rhodes Town?

How do you pay for the bus in Rhodes?

you pay cash on the bus. however if leaving rhodes town/ lindos you pay at the kiosk. you cannot pay by card. there is no prepaid card.

Can you walk from Lindos to pefkos?

The walk there is down a steepish hill from Lindos Reception then on the flat for about 1 km then a steady uphill walk, then a steep walk for about another 1km, then downhill to Pefkos. You could always start walking and then flag a taxi down if it gets too much.

Is there a bus service on Rhodes?

The Roda bus company serves the transport of Rhodes Town, the suburban area and the long distance area of the west side of the island and of course links the City with the Diagoras Airport.

Is pefkos quiet?

Pefkos is a pretty quiet resort, lots of lovely places to eat, it is mainly one main road with tavernas, shops etc and a couple of roads with bars/tavernas off the main road.

Is pefkos expensive?

Hi. Firstly it is not expensive to eat and drink out. All bars and restaurants have prices displayed so you can take your choice. As far as safety is concerned I have stayed in Pefkos since 2013 and as a solo traveller have never felt threatened.

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How long is the bus from pefkos to Rhodes Town?

The bus from Pefki Islands to Rhodes takes 1h 53m including transfers and departs hourly.

Which is better pefkos or Lindos?

Pefkos is a more family friendly resort. Lots of steep, narrow, cobbled streets in Lindos. You could stay up in one of the Krana hill hotels but the prices are generally much cheaper in Pefkos. I think you will find more families staying around Pefkos.

Is Lindos nice?

Lindos is one of the most popular places on the Greek island of Rhodes. It is hardly surprising because the town is charming and is undoubtedly one of a kind. White houses contrasting with the blue sea and the Acropolis towering above make an amazing impression.