Do cats in Greece have fleas?

Did the Greeks really believe the gods lived on Mount Olympus?

Should you feed stray cats in Greece?

Do remember strays need water as well as food. Don’t give cats or kittens milk. It will give them diarrhoea. Don’t be frightened that you might catch rabies.

Can I bring a cat home from Greece?

So your new pet can actually leave Greece and travel to its new home within 21 days of visiting the vet! Any licensed vet will be fully aware of EU requirements for travel and be able to prepare your pet for travel with one visit. … It may travel in cargo either accompanied by a passenger or as “freight”.

Why are there stray cats in Greece?

In contrast with Northern Europe and the United States, where cats are expected to belong to someone or they are often considered a nuisance, stray cats are regarded as a natural co-habitant in Greece. They truly are community cats! The temperate climate and abundance of food makes it easy for them to survive.

Why are there so many strays in Greece?

Among the many problems brought on by the Greek debt crisis is a surging population of stray dogs. Animal charities say there are now more than a million strays in Greece because people are simply abandoning pets they can no longer afford to keep.

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Does Greece have a lot of stray cats?

Greece and the Greek islands are inundated with stray, abandoned and feral cats. The majority of them are born in the spring and survive through the kindness of tourists who feed them. At the end of the summer season the tourists leave, and some cats survive through the kindness of local Greeks.

How many stray cats are in Greece?

The cat population in Greece was measured at approximately 600 thousand in 2020.

Are cats native to Greece?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Aegean cats (Greek: γάτα του Αιγαίου gáta tou Aigaíou) are a naturally occurring landrace of domestic cat originating from the Cycladic Islands of Greece. … It is considered to be the only native Greek variety of cat.