Does Greece have any golf courses?

Do any Greek islands have golf courses?

Some of the golf courses in Greece and the Greek islands that meet the international standard of 18 holes are located in Athens, Corfu island, Rhodes island, Halkidiki and Crete island.

Is Greece good for golf?

A golf holiday in Greece is perfect for every golfer

Greece is the perfect destination for sun and sea lovers, with some of the best beaches in the world and a climate perfect for both golf and relaxation. … The friendly locals and variety of culture make Greece a must-visit for any avid golfer.

Can you play golf in Santorini?

No golf course. Water is too valuable a resource and good soil would have to be shipped in by the boatload.

Does Mykonos have a golf course?

Golf Course near Mykonos | Santa Marina, a Luxury Collection Resort, Mykonos.

Are there any golf courses in Kefalonia?

With regards to Golf courses, theres no 18 hole courses. You can get to many islands from kefalonia, however I simply dont think you will need too, theres plenty to do in kefalonia, and thats after going for many years. You can visit most of what Kefalonia has to offer in 4 days with a car.

Does Kos have a golf course?

In Kos Town there are 1 golf courses. The best golf course in Kos Town is Bodrum Golf Club and the most visited golf club in Kos Town is Bodrum Golf Club. Have you played in Kos Town?

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How many golf courses are there in Italy?

Italy has many golf courses – currently there are 256 – but most of them are concentrated in the North. The climate and Italian cuisine complement the unique golfing experience.

Is there a golf course on Naxos?

Golf Resorts in Naxos

Whether you’re a rookie or a golf prodigy, you’ll be teeing off on your favorite green in no time. The golf hotels in Naxos allow you to enjoy all the benefits of staying close to the premier golf courses in the area.