Does Greece have scorpions?

What scorpions live in Greece?

Mesobuthus gibbosus (Brullé, 1832)

This yellow to yellow-brown scorpion can reach 67-75 mm in length, and is distributed in eastern parts of Europe. It is reported from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece (including many of the Greek islands), Macedonia, Turkey and Yugoslavia.

How common are scorpions in Greece?

Scorpions are fairly common in Greece, from its many islands to the capital of Athens, so it really does pay to be vigilant in order to avoid a painful sting.

Are there scorpions in Crete Greece?

There are at least three species of scorpions in Crete. … Cretan scorpions are smaller than most tourists think. Some species like the frequent black Euscorpius Carpathicus are only 3-4 cm long. The species Mesobuthus Gibbosus are lighter and much bigger, growing up to 12 cm long, and pretty scary!

What countries are scorpions found in?

They are commonly thought of as desert dwellers, but they also live in Brazilian forests, British Columbia, North Carolina, and even the Himalayas. These hardy, adaptable arthropods have been around for hundreds of millions of years, and they are nothing if not survivors.

Does Greece have a lot of snakes?

The majority of snakes in Greece are harmless but some are venomous and can be dangerous. Some of them are also rare and endangered so seeing them can be an incredible experience. So long as you are careful and respectful of the snakes and their habitat.

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Does Greece have sharks?

You have nothing to worry about. There are some sharks in the Aegean Sea, but very few. And the chance of seeing one is rare. … The few sharks spotted or caught around Greece were harmless like the basking shark, thresher shark, and the dogfish.

Does Greece have big spiders?

However, the spiders of Aitoliko, which is 300km from Athens, don’t pose a threat. “These spiders are not dangerous for humans, and will not cause any damage,” molecular biologist Maria Chatzaki told Greek news websites. … “The spiders are taking advantage of these conditions, and are having a kind of a party.

Are there scorpions on Corfu?

Beneath rocks Scorpions can sometimes be found, scorpions on Corfu are not as dangerous a one would be led to believe. Their sting is painful but not fatal to a healthy person.

Are there scorpions in Santorini?

2. Re: Wildlife on Santorini ? There’s not much going on critter-wise on Santorini besides the feral cats and dogs, donkeys, lizards, birds and yes, the occassional scorpion. The wildest animal I’ve encountered is the double-breasted disco dancer.

Are there a lot of bugs in Greece?

You can get stung, bitten, burnt, squished, smashed, and all but asphyxiated in Greece, by mosquitoes, scorpions, the sun, scooters, the sea and Athens’ often terrible pollution. Here’s what to look out for on your trip to Greece.