How many hospitals are in Sofia Bulgaria?

Does Bulgaria have good hospitals?

General healthcare in Bulgaria varies depending on where you are. In the cities, major hospitals boast plentiful, professional, qualified staff, clean modern wards and the latest technology, achieving standards that will be familiar to European visitors.

Is medicine free in Bulgaria?

Public healthcare

EU and EEA residents will be pleased to know that their European Health Insurance Card is valid in Bulgaria, meaning holders are entitled to free medical treatment at public hospitals which have a contract with the Bulgarian national health insurance fund.

Does Bulgaria have universal healthcare?

Bulgaria has a mixed public–private healthcare financing system. Healthcare is financed from compulsory health insurance contributions, taxes, out-ofpocket (OOP) payments, voluntary health insurance premiums, corporate payments, donations, and external funding.

How much does it cost to see a doctor in Bulgaria?

Seeing a doctor in Bulgaria

A visit to a private clinic will save you time and will come at a reasonable price between 20-30 Euro for the consultation. Doctors are highly trained and often speak English, but not a bad idea to ask before booking your appointment.

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