How many states have a town named Athens?

How many US cities are named Athens?

There are 23 places named Athens in America.

What states have a town named Athens?

United States

  • Athens, Alabama.
  • Athens, Arkansas.
  • Athens, California.
  • Athens, Georgia.
  • Athens, Illinois.
  • Athens, Indiana.
  • Athens, Kentucky.
  • Athens, Louisiana.

Why are cities named Athens?

The name Athens, due to the city’s renown, has been embraced by towns and cities across the ancient world in antiquity, such as the ancient city of Athenae in Turkey, and the trend has continued throughout the centuries.

Is there an Athens in America?

Athens is the sixth-largest city in Georgia, and the principal city of the Athens metropolitan area, which had a 2020 population of 215,415, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Athens, Georgia
Country United States
State Georgia
County Clarke
Named for Athens, Greece

How is Athens pronounced?

a city in and the capital of Greece, in the southeastern part. Greek A·the·nai [ah-thee-ne] .

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