How much is a bus ticket from Thessaloniki to Athens?

How much does it cost from Athens to Thessaloniki?

Travel Information between Thessaloniki and Athens

Distance 188 miles (303 km)
Available travel modes Flight or ferry
Ticket price range $72 – $82
Cheapest mode Flight • $72 (€59) • 50 min
Fastest mode Flight • $72 (€59) • 50 min

Is public transport free in Greece?

Book your Athens City Pass with public transport for 72 or 144 hours and enjoy free travel on public transport services in Athens. With the Athens City Pass you can travel for free with Metro, Tram, Prostakios (suburban train) as well as with buses in the public transport of Athens.

Is public transport good in Greece?

Public transport in Greece is excellent. Buses, ferries, and trains enable you to reach even the most remote and far-reaching parts of the country. Better yet, the services run on frequent schedules and are seldom late or cancelled.

Which is better Athens or Thessaloniki?

While Thessaloniki is close to beaches of its own (more on that later!), Athens is way better connected to the islands. Therefore, if you’re planning a Greek island hopping trip by ferry, you’re going to want to start in Athens as it is much better connected to the islands.

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How much is a bus ticket in Athens?

The Athens public transport system is affordable, reliable and covers most of the city and suburbs. You can use all means of public transport using the same ticket (a single ticket costs €1.40 and is valid for 90 minutes).

How much is the X95 bus?

The ticket for airport bus X95 (from airport to Athens City Centre/Sintagma Square) costs 3,20 Euro per person. It is a ONE-WAY ticket and is ONLY valid for the airport bus. You buy the ticket from the kiosk at the airport which is alongside the airport buses…

Where in Greece can you go without a car?

Here are 10 Greek islands where you don’t need a car:

  • Koufonisia.
  • Antiparos.
  • Hydra.
  • Schinoussa.
  • Agistri.
  • Kimolos.
  • Sikinos.
  • Donousa.

How do I get to Athens from the airport?

You can travel from Athens airport to the city centre using three different means of transport; metro, bus and taxi. The cheapest transportation option is the public bus, at only 6€ per person for a one-way ticket. The fastest option is an Athens airport taxi, which comes at a cost of 38€ per ride.

Is Thessaloniki cheaper than Athens?

You would need around 2,707.57€ in Thessaloniki to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 2,800.00€ in Athens (assuming you rent in both cities). This calculation uses our Cost of Living Plus Rent Index to compare cost of living.

How much is the train from Athens to Thessaloniki?

Trains from Athens to Thessaloniki

The trip takes 6 hours. Enjoy a comfortable trip to Thessaloniki for the average price of 27 USD. Also, book your trip as far in advance as you can and get a discounted ticket for 23 USD. The train makes 16 stops.

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Is Thessaloniki a safe city?

Thessaloniki is regarded as a safe place and there is only a low level of crime within the city. However, corruption and bribery is a major problem in Thessaloniki, as it is in many places in Greece.