Is Greek god banned?

Why is Greek god banned?

Greek was handed his first Twitch ban last year on Sept. 19 for inappropriate comments toward gender. He joked about multiple gender options on the music streaming service SoundCloud and was banned for two weeks.

Does Greek god still stream?

Twitter: Greekgodx Greek announced he’s going to take a break from streaming. “I’m done with streaming for a while because it’s summer. I’m not going to sit inside and waste my life streaming,” said Greek. “I’ll be back in a month or two.

What happened to Greekgodx?

Less than a month after announcing a hiatus from streaming, Dimitri ‘GreekGodx’ Antonatos revealed he’s planning on returning to Twitch, claiming “money is tight” and he’ll be back soon.

Why did Greekgodx get banned NoPixel?

Greekgodx was kicked from the ‘NoPixel’ GTA Role Play server for repeatedly harassing female players, a decision that summit thinks can lead to bigger implications for the popular RP world.

Why Greek is banned from LSF?

Greekgodx has confirmed that these comments are the reason for his ban. Twitch’s community guidelines forbid “hateful conduct” on the platform, and it’s quite possible these comments were flagged as transphobic. Greek has since apologized on Twitter, claiming the statement was a joke.

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How much does Greek weigh now?

The streamer has lost over 65 pounds. Twitch IRL and variety streamer Dimitri “Greekgodx” Antonatos has revealed the results of his current diet. Greek has been on a diet due to his obesity. He weighed about 364 pounds, but in late April, he shared a picture of him on a scale weighing 299 pounds.

Did Greekgodx lose weight?

Greekgodx’s weight loss success

Greek’s diet had helped him shed major pounds, bringing the streamer down from 369 pounds to 299 pounds in a year-long period.

Did Greekgodx join TSM?

Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Raymondo Antonatos is one of the best known personalities on, officially partnering with TSM at the end of February 2020. … After Fortnite’s initial success, Myth has transitioned his Fortnite popularity into being one of Twitch.

Who is Greek Pokimane?

Twitch streamer Dimitri “GreekGodX” Raymondo Antonatos has been cutting ties with many in the streaming community lately, and Pokimane is the latest to join the list. He claimed that streamers would do just about anything for content, and urged people not to view their content.

How did Greekgodx get famous?

One of the antics that he did was to stream snipe Sodapoppin. Chat loved him, which caused Sodapoppin to invite him to play with him, which they continued to do daily for around a year. He then started getting known for his gameplay and sniping antics in the streaming community and his channel slowly grew.