Is it good to live in Kosovo?

Is Kosovo a safe country to live?

Safety and Security. For most visitors, Kosovo remains a safe country. Petty street crime is the most common safety concern for U.S. citizens. The Kosovo Police, assisted by the EU Rule of Law mission (EULEX) and the NATO-led Kosovo Force (KFOR), are responsible for safety and security in Kosovo.

Is Kosovo cheap to live?

Summary: Cost of living in Kosovo (Disputed Territory) is, on average, 59.90% lower than in United States. … Rent in Kosovo (Disputed Territory) is, on average, 80.01% lower than in United States.

What is special about Kosovo?

1. Kosovo is the second-youngest country in the world, declaring its independence from Serbia on Feb. 17, 2008. The only country to declare its independence more recently is South Sudan, formed in 2011 from Sudan.

Is Kosovo a cheap country?

Kosovo is Possibly the Cheapest Country in Europe

And Kosovo is on par with all of them. It is incredibly cheap! Especially for Europe. Accommodation costs are on par with the rest of eastern Europe, with a highly rated hostel costing around 10 euro per night.

Is Kosovo a good country?

This is really a great country with friendly locals and there is nothing to worry about! I would suggest having a base in Pristina and do day trips from the capital – it’s really easy with good bus connections and Pristina is such a cool city to spend some time in!

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How do you say hello in Kosovo?

Say hello to Agim. Të fala Agimit.

Are Kosovo people Serbian?

There are around 100,000 Kosovo Serbs as of 2014 and about half of them live in North Kosovo. Other Serb communities live in southern Kosovo. After Albanians they form the second largest ethnic community in Kosovo (4-7%).

Kosovo Serbs.

Regions with significant populations
Kosovo ca. 100,000
Serbia 68,514