Is Sarris a Greek name?

Is Sarkis a Greek name?

Greek and Arabic: from a personal name borne by a 4th-century Christian saint martyred in Cappadocia under Diocletian, known in Latin as Sergius (see Sergio) and in Russian as Sergei.

Is Drakos a Greek name?

Greek: from the personal name Drakos, from drakos ‘dragon’, ‘ogre’ (classical Greek drakon, ultimately from derkesthai ‘to flash’), an omen name expressing the wish that the boy so named will grow up to be as strong as an ogre. Compare Dragon.

Is evangelou a Greek name?

Evangelos, Vangelis (Greek: Ευάγγελος, Βαγγέλης or, in polytonic orthography, Εὐάγγελος; from εὐ- “good” + ἄγγελος “messenger, angel”) is a common Greek male name.


Language(s) Greek
Meaning “messenger who brings good news”
Region of origin Greece
Other names

Is Girgis a Greek name?

Arabic form of the Greek personal name Georgios (see George).

Is Sarkis a common name?

Sarkis is also the 42,744th most commonly occurring first name throughout the world, borne by 16,875 people. The last name is most common in Lebanon, where it is borne by 7,140 people, or 1 in 790.

What is Zeus last name?

A′RBIUS (Arbios), a surname of Zeus, derived from mount Arbias in Crete, where he was worshipped.

Is Karas a Greek name?

As a Jewish name it is mainly an ornamental name. … Greek: from a nickname meaning ‘black’ (see Caras). Hungarian: topographic name for someone living by the Karas river, a tributary of the river Danube, named with Turkish kara ‘black’ + sug ‘water’.

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What does dragon mean in Greek?

“Dragon” comes from the Latin draconem, meaning “huge serpent, dragon,” which in turn is from the Greek drakon, “serpent, giant seafish.” The PIE root derk- “to see,” suggests that the literal sense of drakon was “the one with the (deadly) glance.”

What does Angelo mean in Greek?

Italian: from a popular medieval personal name, Angelo, Latin Angelus, from Greek angelos ‘messenger’, ‘angel’ (considered as a messenger sent from God).