Quick Answer: How did the Greeks meet the challenge of not having much level land for farming or grazing cattle?

How did Greek farmers meet their challenges?

How did farmers met major challenges? Farmers met these challenges by building steps into hills for planting ,instead of cattle they raised goats and sheep ,they were able to grow grapes and olives and farmers planted hillside orchards of fruit and nut trees. … The Greeks produced grapes,olives and fruit and nut trees.

What challenges did ancient Greek farmers have?

Challenges to Greek Farmers: The land in ancient Greece was mostly mountainous. Even in the plains and valleys, the land was rocky, and water was scarce. The rainy season was mostly during the winter months.

How did farmers in ancient Greece adjust to the difficult land?

found traveling through the mountains difficult. How did farmers in ancient Greece adjust to the area’s difficult terrain? they built flat steps into the hills. … They relied on the sea for travel and trade.

Why was farming a challenge in ancient Greece?

Why was farming a challenge in Greece? … farming was a challenge because the climate was very different. summers were hot and dry when winters were wet and fiercely windy. summer also made fields become parched and they became soaked in the winter.

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Why did the ancient Greeks not travel by land?

Travel by land in ancient Greece was difficult. Roads were nothing more than dirt paths that were dry and dusty during the summer and muddy during the winters. … Roads were very expensive so they were rarely built, and then only on the most traveled routes.

Why did the Greeks depend so much on the sea?

Because farming didn’t produce huge surpluses, and travel across the terrain was difficult, the Greeks came to depend on the sea. … Greek sailors were highly skilled, and traveled as far as ancient Egypt to trade their products. Greek merchants competed with traders from other Mediterranean cultures.

How does Greece climate affect its agriculture?

Agricultural production will be severely affected

The climate of Greece will become drier due to the decrease in rainfall by 20-30% in the summer and by 10% in the winter.

How did Greece overcome its difficult terrain?

How did farmers in ancient Greece adjust to the area’s difficult terrain? They built flat steps into the hills.

What was it about the land in Greece that made it hard to farm?

Farming in ancient Greece was difficult due to the limited amount of good soil and cropland. It is estimated that only twenty percent of the land was usable for growing crops. The main crops were barley, grapes, and olives. Grain crops, such as barley and wheat, were planted in October and harvested in April or May.

What was one difficulty that the ancient Greeks faced on the mainland How did they overcome this difficulty?

City states were walled off by nature from other city states. The topography made it hard for any one area to try to control any other. So, topography and geography made it difficult to unify ancient Greece because it divided up the land and encouraged the development of fiercely independent city states.

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