Quick Answer: How many Albanians died from Serbs?

How many Kosovar Albanians were killed?

After the war, a list was compiled which documented that over 13,500 people were killed or went missing during the two year conflict. The Yugoslav and Serb forces caused the displacement of between 1.2 million to 1.45 million Kosovo Albanians.

How many Serbs were killed in Kosovo?

In 2014, the Humanitarian Law Center released a list of people killed or went missing during the war, including 8,661 Kosovo Albanian civilians, 1,797 ethnic Serbs and 447 civilians of other ethnicities such as Romani people and Bosniaks.

How many Serbs died in NATO bombing?

Both Serbs and Albanians were killed in 90 Human Rights Watch-confirmed incidents in which civilians died as a result of NATO bombing. It reported that as few as 489 and as many as 528 Yugoslav civilians were killed in the NATO airstrikes.

How many British soldiers died in Kosovo?

Post World War II

Conflict Start Military Dead
Afghanistan (Operation Herrick) 2001 457
Sierra Leone Civil War 2000 1
Balkans – Bosnia/Kosovo 1992 72
Gulf War 1990–1991 (Operation Granby) 1990 47

Who won the war Croatia or Serbia?

The war ended with Croatian victory, as it achieved the goals it had declared at the beginning of the war: independence and preservation of its borders. Approximately 21–25% of Croatia’s economy was ruined, with an estimated US$37 billion in damaged infrastructure, lost output, and refugee-related costs.

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