Quick Answer: How many major cities are in Greece?

How many cities are in Greece?

In total, there are 65 cities in Greece. The largest city is Athens with a population of 3 168 846.

What is the major city of Greece?

What are the three main cities in Greece?

Greece – 10 Largest Cities

Name Population
1 Athens , Attica 664,046
2 Thessaloniki , Central Macedonia 354,290
3 Pátrai , West Greece 168,034
4 Piraeus , Attica 163,688

Is Sparta still a city?

Given that the Spartans were so famous for their military, perhaps he might have known better. Ancient Sparta with its unique way of life is long gone. But today there is still a town called Sparta in Greece in the very same spot as the ancient city.

Is Mykonos a city?

There are 10,134 inhabitants (2011) most of whom live in the largest town, Mykonos, also known as Chora (i.e. the Town in Greek, a common denomination in Greece when the name of the island itself is the same as the name of the principal town).


Year Municipality population
2011 10,134

How many states has Greece?

General knowledge of Greece

Second answer, there are 38 states in Greece.

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