Quick Answer: What did the Greeks know about wine?

Who introduced wine to Greece?

The Real Godfather of Wine

There is one man that lived in ancient Greece who could very well have been the true grandfather of wine. His name was Theophrastus (“Theo-FRASS-tus”) who lived around c. 371 – c. 287 BC.

Did Greek philosophers drink wine?

Wine in Greek culture

In classical Greek culture, wine was the staple around which philosophy, art, poetry, religion, music and political life revolved. Wise men drank wine to expand their mind and praise the gods.

Did the Greeks use wine to tell the future?

Wine is one example of when modern life intersects with ancient tradition because it represents the past, present, and future of the Greek people. Wine has, in fact, been a part of the Greek culture for centuries.

What did drinking wine symbolize in ancient Greece?

For while the availability of wine was more democratic in Greek society than in other cultures, wine could still be used to delineate social distinctions. Plato saw drinking as a way to test oneself, by submitting to the passions aroused by drinking: anger, love, pride, ignorance, greed, and cowardice.

What was wine like in ancient Greece?

The most common style of wine in ancient Greece was sweet and aromatic, though drier wines were also produced. Color ranged from dark, inky black to tawny to nearly clear. Oxidation was difficult to control, a common wine fault that meant many wines did not retain their quality beyond the next vintage.

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What happened Greek wine?

As a result, the Greek vines were degraded, many varieties were abandoned, and the highland quality vineyards were lost. In the international market, Greek wine was considered ‘Mediterranean’, in other words, with high alcohol content, no acidity and aroma.

Why did the Greeks water down their wine?

The Ancient Greeks and Romans likely watered down their wine, or more accurately added wine to their water, as a way of purifying (or hiding the foul taste) from their urban water sources.

Was ancient Greek wine stronger?

Ancient wines were considerably more alcoholic than modern wine, and that is why they were watered down in Graeco-Roman cultures.

Why did the ancients drink wine?

Despite the ancients’ puzzling relationship with wine, their ways of manipulating it served many purposes: sanitation, flavor, and social status. Wine was also an integral part of the Ancient Roman farming economy, along with olive oil and grain.