Quick Answer: Why are there so many little churches in Greece?

Why are there so many little churches in Mykonos?

There is a total of some 600 to 800 churches on the island of Mykonos, which ends up resulting in one church or chapel per local family! … Historically, churches and small chapels were built around the island facing the sea to aid in the safe voyage and return of sailors.

Which Greek island has the most churches?

With many inviting beaches, plenty of natural beauty and a sacred aura, Tinos is the third largest island in the Cyclades, located near Syros, Mykonos and Andros.

Why are there so many chapels on Mykonos?

Many of the churches in Mykonos are built as a testimony of devotion or to commemorate a miracle that is believed to have transpired. But perhaps more interestingly, their large number is attributed to the time honored Mykonian custom of enshrining the bones of their dead within the walls of family temples.

Which Greek island claims to have more than 700 churches?

Today, Tinos is a palpably devout Greek island with an astonishing 700+ Orthodox and Catholic whitewashed churches and hilltop monasteries throughout its impressive 60 villages.

What religion is Mykonos?

The Orthodox religion takes an important role in the Greek culture and its presence on the island of Mykonos is without exception.

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Is there a hospital on Tinos?

Hospital facilities are not available on Tinos, except for the National Healthcare Clinic that can handle minor illnesses and injuries. Serious problems are treated at the hospital on nearby Syros or referred to Athens. In addition to the clinic, there are numerous physicians and dentists practicing on the island.